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Afex Leg Bag with Leg Wrap


Afex Leg Bag with Leg Wrap AM800C
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PLEASE NOTE:  This is a component of The Afex™ Incontinence Management System.  The System is necessary to use this product! For more information, click on the Afex™ Incontinence Management System's picture located on the right column.

The Afex™ Leg Bag with Leg Wrap is the perfect combination for both men and women, offering piece of mind and assured confidence when incontinent. It's comfortable to wear and stays securely in place with two extra wide adjustable straps, making participation in any high level activity worry free from embarrassing moments.

The Leg Wrap is made of a breathable mesh that helps prevent skin breakdown and skin irritation. It features a convenient pouch to hold the Leg Bag in place and separate the bag from the skin. Wear the wrap and bag on the inside upper thigh area to make it virtually unnoticeable.

The double-sealed Leg Bag holds up to 40 ounces and has a built-in drain handle for quick and easy drainage. The bag easily connects to and disconnects from the Afex™ Extension Tube, required for use with the Leg Bag.

The Leg Bag easily separates from the Leg Wrap when needed and both can be purchased separately. The Leg Wrap is available in white or black to blend with clothing and is machine washable.

For more information about the Afex™ Extension Tube, click on the its link to the right.




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