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Afex Receptacles for Urinary Incontinence Management


 Afex Receptacles for Urinary Incontinence Management AM300
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 Afex Receptacles for Urinary Incontinence Management AM300
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Afex™ Receptable - a component of the Afex Urinary Incontinence Management System for men

PLEASE NOTE: The Receptacle is a component of the Afex™ System. The receptacle will not be of use without the entire system.

Afex™ Receptacles offer a different, more comfortable way to achieve urinary incontinence management.

Afex stands for: Adhesive FREE External Condom Catheters for men who have urinary incontinence.

The innovative design offers a loose fit and sufficient ventilation for a dry and comfortable experience.

For moderate to severe male urinary incontinence

Afex Receptacles are available in two styles: High Style with Flexi-Top and Low Style. One size fits all and either are applicable for moderate to severe incontinence.

  • Afex High Style receptacles for active lifestyle

    The High Style w/Flexi-Top is best for users who stand for long periods of time or engage in high level activities. It's also recommended for night time use.

  • Afex Low Style Receptacle for less active lifestyles

    The Low Style offers comfort and support for users who sit for long periods of time.


The Receptacles have a soft double-walled liner with drain holes to protect the skin from residual urine and backflow.

To prevent infection and irritation, and to maintain healthy hygiene, Afex™ recommends cleaning the Receptacles daily using the Afex cleaning Solution and the convenient Afex™ Cleansing Container with built-in drain holes. The Cleaning Solution is specially formulated to safely clean and deodorize all of the Afex™ Incontinence Management System's components.

Extra or replacement components can be purchased separately by choosing from the selection on your right.

Please shop carefully, this item is not returnable.


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