Get a Grip Shoe Treads for Snow & Ice

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Snow and ice shoe treads fit over your shoes

Get a Grip before you slip!

Get a Grip Ultra™ is the ideal solution for "no slip" walking in slippery or icy conditions. WALK with CONFIDENCE on Snow and Ice! Get A Grip Ultra is ultrawalking in snow versatile for all your casual, dress or athletic footwear. Excellent during re-occurring freeze cycles (especially at the end of the season). 360 degree spike pattern provides more push off and lateral grip.

Get-A-Grip Ultra – Ultra light, ultra easy, and above all,Carbide spikesultra safe because it uses a tungsten carbide Ice Diamond system spikes that lasts 10 times longer than steel. The new Ice Diamond carbide spikes are integrated into the new open/close split rubber tread for improved traction. Whether you’re walking the dog, shoveling the steps, or walking down the street and back, you’ll love the Get-A-Grip Ultra. They are trim, light, and pliable, making it virtually unnoticeable on a shoe and a more attractive solution for dress footwear or urban street wear.

Simply place the toe of the Get a Grip™ over the toe of your shoe and then pull the heel over the back of your shoe. These are much easier to put on that the old galoshes or rubbers we used to wear and provide so much more traction in snow and ice.

Available in two sizes, SML/MED and LRG/XLG.

  Women's Shoe Size Men's Shoe Size
SML/MED 5-9 3-7
LRG/XLG 10+ 8-14

Available in a dark charcoal only.



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