5 Prong Ice Grip Cane Attachment

Prevent Slipping and Falling with Cane Ice Grip

The cane ice grip is a plated steel cane attachment with five cleats to prevent canes and crutches from slipping on snow covered, slushy or ice covered  surfaces.

By simply squeezing together two plastic knobs, the cleats can be swung into place and locked into position for use.

When not needed, the point can be flipped up to a retracted position, exposing the rubber tip at the end of the cane or crutch for normal use.

Easy installation!  The Cane Grip clamps onto any cane (or crutch) from 1/4" to 1" diameter.

A screwdriver is required for installation. Screws are provided in package.


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Customer Reviews

Works Great! EAsy to fold up out of the way.