Easy Cling Wrap Cutter

 Cling wrap cutter cuts your wrap to size easily!

End the frustration of trying to cut cling wrap!

This simple device will do the work easily, without the frustration.  The plastic cutter is attached into the cling wrap box with simple tabs that fit down into the box.  After pulling out the desired length of cling wrap, simply glide the cutter through its track to cut the wrap.  It is that easy! 

All of the metal parts are enclosed for safety.  The cutter can be used over and over and used with many rolls of cling wrap over its lifetime. 

Great for Individuals who have the use of only one hand or when dexterity is limited.


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Customer Reviews

Great ideas are always simple. Can't live without it. Uri Alon, Overland Park, KS, USA, August 2012