PurrFect Opener the Easy Open Pill Extractor

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PurrFect Opener opens more than
medicine bottles and jars

This cat shaped medicine bottle opener device will become your favorite opener!

  • Purrfect Opener grips Rx medicine caps...
  • pushes open those pesky arrow aligned caps using the cat's head...
  • grabs the cotton from inside the bottle with the cat's tail...
  • pierces individually wrapped pills with the cat's ears...
  • pushes individually wrapped pills into convenient pockets...
  • splits pills with the wedge on the cat's back...
  • lifts lids out of newly opened cans...
  • and even opens envelopes and slits packaging tape on boxes.


The opener also has a magnet for convenient storage on your refrigerator.

The PurrFect Opener is 6 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.  The opener is of durable, tough plastic. It is quick, easy and safe.

Instructions for each use are pictured on the back.

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