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Panic Transmitter Remote

Remote Panic Transmitter is used with the Wireless Emergency Phone Dialer (SLAD105) or the Wireless Emergency Phone Dialer System with Two Way Communication (SLMS2001.)   View both of by clicking on the images in the right hand column.

The Phone Dialer is used more in a private home situation and the Monitoring System is used in a commercial situation such as a Personal Care Home or Assisted Living Resident.

The Remote Panic Transmitter has a small ring that can be attached to a neck chain, bracelet or keychain to keep it close at hand.  Used with the Emergency Phone Dialer or the Monitoring Station it is an ideal solution for the protection and "well being" of a disabled individual or seniors.  Just press once to activate the Emergency Dialer or Monitoring Station to call for help instantly.  Use as a medical alert or a silent alarm.

The Remote Transmitter is water resistant.  A cover slides over the button to prevent false alarms.  The remote has a range of 100 feet 

9V Lithium battery is included.


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