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Adaptive bathing and safety aids for seniors with Parkinsons's

A tremor is a type of shaking movement. A tremor is most often noticed in your hands and arms, but it may affect any body part (even your head or voice). There are three main types of tremors: Resting (or static) tremors: These tremors are present when your muscles are resting. The tremor may go away or become less noticeable when you move muscles that are involved. Intention (or kinetic): These tremors occur at the end of a purposeful (intended) movement, such as writing, pressing a button, or reaching for an object. The tremor will often disappear while the affected body part is at rest. Postural or action tremors occur when you are holding your arm or leg in one position for a period of time against gravity. This may happen when you are writing, holding a cup, holding your arms out, or when you stand up straight.

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