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911 Guardian Alert Panic Phone

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911 Guardian Alert Panic Phone DR9810
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911 Guardian Alert Panic Phone DR9810
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Emergency phone calls 911 direct, no monthly fees

Talk directly to a 911 Emergency Operator at the push of a button!

Emergencies happen in seconds.  911 Guardian Phone saves precious time. 

911 Guardian Phone enables you to call "911" in an emergency situation around your home, (accident, fall, illness, or danger) and speak directly to the emergency operator.  You talk directly to the emergency operator, not to a call center who must call you back to confirm the issue, then relay your information to an emergency operator.

911 Guardian Phone requires no monthly subscription or service fee.  911 Guardian Phone works like a regular cordless phone on any standard phone line. 

911 Guardian Phone can be comfortably worn around the neck, clipped on a belt, or carried in a pocket at all times.  To avoid accidental activation, the activation button is recessed and must be depressed for a minimum of one half second to turn the phone on.  In the event of an accidental, unwanted activation, the user as the ability to speak directly into the 911 Guardian Phone and alert the 911 operator that the call is accidental

911 Guardian Phone does not need recharging.  The phone uses a replaceable alkaline battery which lasts up to 1 year in standby or for up to 30 minutes of talk time.  The base station connects to any phone outlet and electrical outlet in your home. 

How it Works:  In an emergency, you press the activation button on the 911 Guardian Phone.  the pendant immediately calls 911.  Within seconds, you are speaking directly with the 911 operator through the phone.  After the 911 operator hangs up or after 4 minutes of inactivity, the 911 Guardian Phone automatically turns off.

Additional Features:

  • Pendant is splash resistant.
  • System test and battery test functions
  • Voice Confirmations during dialing, shutdown, system test, and battery test.
  • Included duplex jack allows a second phone to be used on the same phone outlet.
  • Auto power off after 4 minutes of inactivity.
  • Includes an AC adapter and a 7 foot phone cord for the base unit.  AAA alkaline battery, a lanyard with quick detachment clip, and a belt clip for pendant.  An instruction manual is of course, included as well.


  • Operating frequency:  900 MHz
  • Range:  600 feet (line of sight, when worn around the neck)
  • Battery Life:  1 year standby or 30 minutes talk time.
  • FCC and DOC approved
  • Splash resistant to JIS 6 standard

A battery backup which provides up to 24 hours of standby power to the 911 Guardian Phone base station during a power outage.

1 year limited warranty.  


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