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McGuire Style Uni-Size Urinal for Male Incontinence

SKU DM7752

McGuire Style Uni-Size Urinal for Male Incontinence DM7752
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McGuire Style Uni-Size Urinal for Male Incontinence DM7752
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Athletic supporter style McGuire Style Urinal
for male urinary incontinence

The McGuire Style Urinal is a great choice for men who suffer from male incontinence due to prostate surgery, stroke recovery, wheelchair use or other incontinence causing condition. It's even ideal for men who just need to extend the time between restroom stops, such as long distance truckers, vacation drivers, airplane pilots.

The adjustable athletic supporter style urinal can be used as a self-contained unit for small amounts of urine output (150 cc), or in conjunction with the leg bag (included) to expand urine collection up to 600 cc. 

McGuire Style urinary collection device with one-way value

This urinary collection device is easy to put on and virtually unnoticeable under your clothing.  The unique 1-way value prevents fluid return and keeps your skin dry. The elastic waistband adjusts for a comfortable and secure fit. 

The complete system includes:

  • Adjustable elastic Waistband
  • 20 oz. Leg Bag with 6-1/4" Tubing attached
  • Adjustable Latex Straps
  • Snap On Replacement Sheath
  • Complete set of Use and Care Instructions
  • This item fits most people with waist 44" or less 

Please Note: "Two urinals are recommended as one may be worn while the other is cleansed and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Some salves and ointments contain ingredients that are injurious to rubber. These should be avoided, but if contact is a necessity, the rubber should be immediately cleansed with soap and water.

NOTE: This McGuire Style Urinal does not work for men with retracted or retractive penile incontinence. If this describes your condition, consider using the Afex Boxer Briefs with the Afex Reusable Overnight Pad or try using the Retracted Penis Pouch for Male Incontinence. 

Discreetly delivered to your home!

Contains Rubber!

Please shop carefully, this item is not returnable.

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