Mini Stepper Exerciser

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Mini Stepper Exerciser for home or office - take it with you!

The Mini Stepper Exerciser was designed for people who spend an extended amount of time sitting. The sturdy Mini Stepper is ideal for two purposes:

  1. Improving circulation in the legs and feet 

  2. Toning the waist, calves, hips and thighs 

Features a unique adjustable tension pulley system that ensures a stepping action that is smooth and low impact. Hydraulic design replicates stair climbing. 

With non-skid foot treads you are guaranteed to have a simple and safe physical experience. The built-in digital computer calculates elapsed time and number of steps. Heavy-gauge steel construction ensures a long and useful life for this exerciser.

Due to the heavy-gauge steel construction, the weight of this item is more than that of its poorly constructed counterparts, thus affecting the shipping rates.

Includes two AA batteries for the digital computer.

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Helps improve circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility. Ideal for individuals recovering from knee surgery, with limited mobility, and too busy to exercise! Use it while sitting at home or at work.

Customer Reviews

by on October 11, 2011

I use my mini stepper in my office. After sitting at my desk for a couple of hours, I take a mini stepper break. It's great! Barb P

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