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Type Aid

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Type Aid MA73510
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Type Aid MA73510
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Depress keyboard keys with limited hand or finger function

This special adaptive product helps people with limited functional hand skills to accurately depress keys on a keyboard, telephone or any item which requires depressing a small button.

Enables you to depress keys without using your fingers.

The key depressors will not damage machine keys.

The Type Aid can be used on typewriters, computer keyboards, adding machines, calculators and touch telephones, microwave ovens, etc.

The "clip" easily slips over the area between the thumb and the index finger and is held in the palm of the hand. Your thumb and help direct the "pusher" to depress the key desired. The "pusher" slips between the clip and a clear plastic sleeve to hold it securely in place.

Overall length is 7 1/2 inches long(19 cm). Weight is 2 ounces.


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