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Slip On Gait Belt Handle

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Slip On Gait Belt Handle MA70402
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Gait Belt Handles increase your control during transfer

Gait belts are used by health care providers in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and by Caregivers in home health care situations.  Gait belts help you support and move your loved one or patient from one place to another.  The gait belt provides you with greater ability to transfer safely and securely.

Slip On Gait Belt Handle provides a better grip

Gait belts are long, wide, webbing belts and come in a variety of lengths.  The Gait Belt Handle slides onto the gait belt providing you with two strong grip handles.  The addition of the handles on the gait belt provide a much better grasp on the belt than if you just hold onto the belt itself.  Simple device with great advantages.

Using a gait belt

  • The individual should sit forward in a chair or on their bed with their feet on the floor
  • Place the gait belt around his/her waist over his/her clothing
  • Slide the belt through the clip or buckle until snug but not tight
  • If a Gait Belt Handle is used, position the handle to the front of the individual, if not, slip your fingers under the belt (underhanded) and grasp the belt tightly
  • Ask the individual to stand as you pull and lift him or her
  • Still grasping the belt, guide the person as he/she walks to the new transfer location
  • Guide the individual into a sitting position in the chair or bed
  • When safely seated remove the gait belt


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