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Long Reach Toe Nail Clipper


Long Reach Toe Nail Cutter INC1989
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Long Reach Toe Nail Cutter INC1989
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No need to bend with this long handle toe nail clipper

The Long Reach Toe Nail Clipper is the perfect grooming aid for individuals who have trouble bending over, and it's highly recommended for people with diabetes, in-grown toenails and limited hand control.

This eight-inch long toenail cutter features a long loop handle covered with a comfortable to hold plastic coating. The handle's wide openings allow you to use the control of your whole hand for cutting.

The Long Reach Toe Nail Clipper also features a high quality, stainless steel, angled blade. The ergonomic design of the blade helps the wrist remain in a stress free position, which reduces cramping or pain for users with Arthritis, weak grip or other hand limitations. 

In addition, the blade has minute serrations to prevent the nail from slipping when cutting it. 

The Long Reach Toe Nail Clipper is easy and safe to use

When using the long handle toe nail clipper, the middle, ring and little fingers are placed through the long loop. This will provide stability while cutting.

The thumb is placed in the smaller loop and the index finger is placed between the loops. Placing the index finger in this position provides guidance and control. 

Makes a great gift for you or someone you know!

Please note: This item like all personal and hygiene related items is not returnable.

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