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Lamp Switch Enlargers INCEN23
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Lamp Switch Enlargers INCEN23
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Lamp Switch Enlargers make turning
your lamp on and off easy

Designed in consultation with occupational therapists to assure that it does what it is designed to do!

The Lamp Switch Enlarger is designed to FIT EASILY OVER the great majority of lamp switch knobs. Just push onto the existing switch knob; no need to remove the existing knob.

Made of a durable white hard plastic.

Sold in a package of two.


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Customer Reviews

by Anonymous on June 28, 2011

Since no universal size/shape is used in the manufacture of lamps and/or switches, no one enlarger can be expected to "fit all". Local retailers(including home healths)change/base inventory on increasing profits, adding to "the fit" difficulty. Having purchased numerous adapters/enlargers over the yrs., this style has been the most successful. Unfortunately only found this style available once retail so uncovering this site is wonderful! FIT TIP: If lamp switch is too small, enlarger just turns around lamp switch and/or doesn't catch to turn switch on/off, try wrapping electrical tape around lamp switch just enough to build it up so enlarger fits & works. The enlarger is deep enough to hide the electrical tape on the switch so it doesn't even show! No worries...

by Anonymous on January 28, 2011

I had the opposite experience with this product. I bought some a couple of weeks ago and I'm back for more to put on every lamp in my house. They fit on almost all of my lamps, the only ones they didn't fit were the small, ball shaped ones. They're great and I would recommend them, just not for unusual lamp switch knobs. Faye P

by Anonymous on December 26, 2010

Ordered this product as a gift from my daughter to her grandmother, who has arthritis and trouble turning lamp switches. The product did not fit on one of her lamps at all. It fit on the other lamp switch but would not hold tightly enough to turn the switch. The device just turned itself. We tried every possible position to make the enlarger work, but we got it to turn the switch only once out of about 25 times. Am returning the item.

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