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Pivot Grip Telescoping Portable Grab Bar

Suction grab bars pivot to fit your bathroom

The World is not Always a Straight Line!

The Telescoping Pivot Grip Grab Bar is the ultimate choice in safety bath rails.

Because the ends pivot and rotate, the installation options are endless; including stretching across a shower corner, across the inside of a bathtub, or even for use on unparallel surfaces.  The options are almost limitless!  Our best portable grab bar is your best value.

Designed as heavy duty Medical Devices that are tested and approved by health professionals including Occupational and Physical Therapists as well as Orthopedic Surgeons.  These Portable Grab Bars will give you the confidence you need to move freely and independently without worry.

Grab bar with tool free installation

Installs in seconds, no tools required!  And, it does not require drilling holes into your wall, tub or shower surround. 

Large suction cups on pivoting, telescoping bath grab bar

Suction Pad Diameter:
The suction cups measure 4.7 inches in diameter.  To work properly the grab bars work effectively on a smooth, flat, non-porous surface.  These grab bars will work on tile, but the tiles cannot be smaller than 5 inches square.  The suction will not hold if any of the suction cup is on the grout line

Note: Pivot Grip Grab Bar is not recommended for use on drywall, wall board, wall paper, wood paneling, plaster or any other porous surface.  While they may appear to hold for a short time, the suction will diminish quickly and may not provide the necessary pull strength when you need it.

On a smooth, flat surface, the suction vacuum will hold for a very long time - sometimes even months.  But, because all surfaces have a different porosity, you should periodically remove and reset your portable grab bar every few weeks or as needed to insure that the hold is secure. 

These grab bars were designed for use in the tub and shower and are not harmed by water or moisture

All inner component are made of non-corrosive materials and will not rust.  They will not damage your your tub/shower surround.

Pivot Grip Grab Bar for use up to 200 lbs.

The single grip portable grab bar has been tested to hold up to roughly 200lbs of pull pressure.  The average, healthy, adult human can generate a bout 60 lbs of pull strength using their own power. 

The key to the safety and stability and hold strength lies in the composition of the rubber.  These 4.7" diameter, 1/4" thick pads are made of the strongest, most expensive natural, vulcanized rubber in the world.  They are the strongest and most reliable on the market today. 

Available in two lengths:

  • Medium:  adjustable from 22 inches to 27 inches
  • Large:  adjustable from 27 inches to 32 inches


Note: Will not work properly if placed on tiles less than 5 inches square!



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