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Provale Cup for Stroke and Dysphagia Patients

Provale® Cup delivers small swallows for Post Stroke Dysphagia

The Provale Cup - developed to treat a common swallowing disorder afflicting many survivors of stroke.  The cups deliver "small swallows®" of thin liquids with every drinking motion.  This may promote safer swallowing and may allow the user more independence by putting hydration and nutrition within their reach.

Dysphagia causes difficulties in swallowing

Individuals who have had a stroke often develop a condition called dysphagia.  Dysphagia causes difficulties in swallowing such as aspirating or inhaling liquids when swallowing more commonly known as "going down the wrong pipe." 

People with dysphagia continue to aspirate almost every time they drink, which becomes fluid trapped in their lungs.  Often this liquid in the lungs will trigger an infection such as pneumonia.  Forty thousand people die each year from aspiration pneumonia.

Small sips lessen chance of aspirating

Studies have shown that taking smaller sips when drinking lessens the likelihood of aspirating.  However, people who have had strokes often have difficulty regulating the amount of liquid in a sip or drink. 

Provale Cup regulates amount of liquid

The Provale Cup provides the answer by regulating the amount of liquid in each drink or sip; allowing only small swallows with every drinking motion. 

The Provale® Cup is a limited-flow drinking cup that delivers a fixed amount (5cc or 10cc) of liquid each time the patient takes a drink. The plastic cups have a broad base to prevent spilling and come complete with large handles/grips to allow patients with poor motor coordination to easily grasp and use the cup. The cups are reusable and dishwasher safe.  The Provale® Cup was developed with the input of over 500 healthcare professionals.

The Provale® Cup has a patented anti-suck mechanism that prevents over delivery of fluids for ease and safety of swallowing.

Provale Cups in two sizes, 5cc and 10cc

The Provale Cups are available in two different versions to deliver either 5cc or the 10cc   The 5cc cup has a transparent outer cup with a blue cap.  The 10cc cup is transparent with a brown cap.  Both versions come with two removable, handle grips; you can use only one or both or none of the handles; some people feel more secure having a handle on both sides of their cup.  The transparency of the cup allow patients or Caregivers the ability of observing the amount of liquid remaining in the cup.

An individual with dysphagia generally starts with the 5cc cup and progresses to the 10cc cup. 

The Provale® Cup provides:

  • safe delivery of water, nutritional supplements and other thin liquids

  • accurate 5cc or 10cc "small sips" with every normal drinking motion

  • potential elimination of the need for pre-thickened liquids

  • good nose clearance which minimizes head tilt

  • easy disassembly and easy cleaning and is institution dishwasher safe

  • transparent cup to easy observe the amount of remaining liquid in the cup

  • choice of using one, two or no handles on the cup


The cup is available in either a 5cc or 10cc choice, please choose one.

Please choose carefully, this item is not returnable


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Customer Reviews

I am a speech pathologist and so far this cup has worked very well with two different stroke patients. It does what is says. It limits how much liquid comes out at a time and keeps them from drinking too much too fast. I haven't had any issues with the cup breaking, leaking or not working properly. I have only tried this with thin liquids. I am not sure that it would work for thickened liquids. A little expensive, but so far it's worked well for the two people who have tried it. Wish they were cheaper and I would get a bunch more of them for my geriatric patients with dysphagia and dementia.

While the function of this cup performed as it was supposed to, the cup broke when accidentally knocked off the ding room table. The cup base has a hairline crack about an inch long that causes the cup to leak. As the cup bounced, it then landed on the top, which also broke. Upon calling, company has agreed to replace the cup, but I wonder how many times...... This cup should be made of a material that is more durable considering the clientele that need it, especially considering the cost.

I am a Speech Pathologist who tried using this cup for a patient with dysphagia. The hole in the inner cup leaks into the reservoir and when the cup is tipped for the patient to drink, it dumps the water in the reservoir all over the patient. The valving on this cup is not correct. I am hoping the others we have will work better. ElderStore response: We have been selling the Provale Cup for years and this is the first complaint like this, in fact very rarely if ever get complaints on this product. Customer should have called, we would have sent a replacement at no cost. BEU

This is a wonderful cup for a stroke patient. With just giving a small amount at a time is wonderful and working very well with my husband. So happy I found you website.

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