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Fold and Go Adult Three Wheel Bike

A Three Wheel Adult Bike that FOLDS!

The Fold and Go is perfect for someone who needs or wishes to transport their tricycle often and needs a convenient folding trike that can be stored in a small space.  The Fold and Go is the easiest to fold three wheel bicycle on the market today.


Quality Construction

Our Fold and Go Adult Trike is lighter, stronger, and boasts the highest quality construction of any similarly designed adult tricycle on the market today.

This three wheel bicycle is ideal for people between 4’-6’’ and 6’-0’’.  The low "step through" frame makes this three wheel bike ideal for senior citizens, mobility challenged people, and people who have balance issues.  

A large rear basket is included with all trikes.

The Fold and Go Trike is available in four models:

Single Speed  -  Standard three wheel bike. - Weighs 47 lbs. 

Comes with two hand brakes, the front brake (left hand lever) is a caliper type that clamps down on the side of the rim.  The rear brake is a band brake that stops the rear wheel.  It is operated by the right hand lever.

Three Speed   -  The standard three wheel bike with added gears - Weighs 52 lbs. 

The front wheel has a drum brake in the center of the front wheel operated by the left hand lever*.  The drum brake hub is made of aluminum and is very reliable.  The braking is slightly slower than the front caliper brake on the single speed. 

*Note:  The front wheel brake cables and lever can be switched to the right handlebar.

The Rear Brake is a coaster brake style that is operated by pedaling backwards about a quarter turn, like the bicycle you rode when you were a kid.  The brake is located inside the rear hub which also houses the three speed mechanism. 

The coaster brake is quite capable of stopping the trike, without the use of the front drum brake.  The trike can also be stopped by using the front drum brake without the use of the coaster brakes.

Single Speed Electric  -  Add an electric motor and you won't have to pedal up those hills.   Weighs 87 lbs. 

The braking system is the same as the single speed above.

Three Speed Electric -  Three speeds plus the electric motor.  - Weighs 90 lbs.

The same rear coaster brakes as the Three Speed above.  The front wheel has a caliper brake to the addition of the electric front hub motor.  This front brake is operated with the left hand lever. 

Electric Bicycle Motor: 

Used on both the Single Speed Electric Trike and the Three Speed Electric Trike.

Average speed is 10 mph depending the terrain (flat vs. hills), the weight of the rider and if the rider is pedaling at the same time.  Speed is controlled by pressing a lever on the throttle with your thumb.  Average battery life while running is 1.5 hours, the potential time is governed by the same variables above.  Bicycle motors speed is set to a max speed of 20 mph by law.

36 Volts, 600 watts motor with a 50 amp controller unit, lighted thumb throttle, 36v 2 amp Soneil Smart Charger, 36 volt extended range lithium ion battery pack (10 amp/hr batteries x 3).  Compare to most electric bicycles which have a 250-350 watt motor.

The motor comes with a recharger that plugs into any outlet.  The battery can easily be disconnected from the bicycle and taken inside for charging.  A carrying case is included.  The battery needs to be charged after every use. 

An electric motor can be added at a later time for either the non electric single speed or the three speed tricycle.

Fold and Go Adult Three Wheel Trike Dimensions and details:

  • Maximum weight capacity - 215 lbs.
  • Overall length - 60"
  • Overall height - 29.25"
  • Handlebar size - 25" width/9" high
  • Minimum saddle to pedal distance - 25.5"
  • Maximum saddle to pedal distance - 32"
  • Seat post length - 11.5" x 28.6mm
  • Top tub length - 22.75"
  • Step over height - 14.5"
  • Saddle size - 12" wide x 12/5" long
  • Wheel size - 20"
  • Tires - 20" x 1.75"
  • Chain - 1/2" x 1/8"
  • Chain ring - 36 tooth
  • Freewheel - 16 tooth
  • Crank length - 6"
  • Pedals - 1/2"
  • Basket size - 21" x 14.5" x 9"

Trike Assembly

Your True Bicycle Three Wheel Bike will be shipped in a corrugated box (29"x36"x20".)    For someone of moderate skills, the bike should take approximately 15 minutes to assemble.  There are full step by step instructions with photos for assembly.

Warranty:  Limited one year warranty of complete bicycle.  Limited five year warranty on steel and aluminum bicycle frame.  The electric motor has a 6 month limited warranty.

Note:  All of the bicycles parts have available replacement parts if you should need them at some point in the future.




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Customer Reviews

Love it. This bike-trike has made me mobile again. It is so well made it shows. People everywhere admire my trike and ask where they can buy it. Grateful!

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