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EasyCaddy Walker Tray

Carrying items, such as keys, portable phones, food or drinks while using a walker is difficult.  There is an obvious risk of falls and injury when individuals attempt to carry any items while using a walker.

People will often try to overcome this difficulty by tying plastic bags etc., to the walker or by trying to use the walker "one handed."

The EasyCaddy enables a person to carry most items safely and more importantly, independently.  For example, many walker users are able to cook a meal and make drinks but are unable to then transport the plate and mugs to their table.  The EasyCaddy gives a person the independence to carry what they want, when they want, without relying on a caregiver.

The EasyCaddy consists of a container, which has two compartments within it.  This enables the user to separate items such as glasses, keys, medications, etc.  The larger compartment can accommodate bulkier items like books or household items. 

Easy Caddy walker tray is designed to accomodate a dinner plate

The tray sits snugly on top of the container and is designed to safely transport a plate of food.  The plate can be lifted from the tray easily and safely.

Many walker users wish to carry warm drinks from their kitchen to other rooms.  The EasyCaddy comes supplied with a blue mug holder, which has been specially designed to sit on top of the tray.  The mug holder will hold a standard size mug and will prevent the mug from tipping or spilling.  The base of the holder will help to catch any spills or splashes.  The EasyCaddy is not meant for boiling liquids, teapots or coffee pots. 

The EasyCaddy is also designed to hold a dinner plate within the top tray (remove the blue mug holder).  The back of the EasyCaddy is "rounded" out so that a plate (up to 10 inches in diameter) can fit securely on the tray without the plate sliding around while walking. 

Easy Caddy Walker Tray fits most walkers

The EasyCaddy will fit most aluminum walkers on the market today.  It does not fit the "one button folding" type walker.  The one button folding walker is rarely sold in the US at this time.  The two button, two lever or two handled folding walker is perfect for the EasyCaddy.  Special attachment hooks are included that fit Invacare, Carex, Guardian, Sunrise and Lumex folding walkers.

Easy Caddy walker tray easily snaps on and off your walker

The EasyCaddy is attached and removed easily, even when a person's grip or dexterity is reduced.  The EasyCaddy sits on the upper part of the walker and is held firmly in position by the use of two small clips, which snap onto the frame. 

EasyCaddy Walker Tray Specifications:

Width (side to side) with tray

Width (side to side) without tray

18 inches

17 inches
Height (top to bottom) 8 inches
Depth (front to back) 12.25 inches
Plate diameter up to 10 inches
Total Weight 2 pounds
Max carrying weight
Do not exceed maximum weight
4.5 pounds

Please note:  Not suitable for carrying animals

Made from tough and durable molded plastic in light grey/silver with no metal parts.  Biomechanical principles have been applied to the design to provide and effective carrying system without compromising user stability.  All parts may be washed using water and cleaners up to a temperature of 75°.

British designed with care and consideration by Chris Clarke, a British Occupational Therapist to help reduce falls, and give individuals a greater sense of independence!  Both Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists will recommend the EasyCaddy as it spans both professional assessment arenas.  The response from the medical community has been extremely positive.

Complete instructions for attaching the EasyCaddy to your walker is included. 

The EasyCaddy comes with a one year manufacturer's guarantee.

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