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Cooking or Hobby Apron

Waterproof, apron has large pockets,
covers shoulders

The Cooking and Hobby Apron is designed for active people who want to get into the thick of things and not get their clothes dirty while doing so. 

The uses are numerous, from cooking, gardening, crafts, and even washing the dog. Some use this as a clothing protector while eating which makes the crumb catcher very useful.

This apron has two, six inch, bottom pockets (crumb catchers) to hold your tools and implements for easy accesibility.

Waterproof vinyl front panel keeps you dry and clean

The front of the apron is waterproof vinyl to keep you dry even if you're washing the dog.  The arms are a flannel print and are about elbow length.  A tie string holds your apron securely in place.

The apron is 23 inches wide and is 24 inches from top to bottom.  Available in a variety of prints, let us choose for you, or call for a description of available prints.


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