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PockeTalker Pro Listening Device

SKU WS10012

PockeTalker Pro Listening Device  WS10012
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PockeTalker Pro Listening Device  WS10012
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Pocketalker Pro amplifies sound to be clearly and easily understood

When hearing situations prove most challenging, the PockeTalker™ delivers! Compact enough to bring anywhere, the PockeTalker is ideal for 1-on-1 conversations, TV listening, small groups, and large group presentations or shows.

Amplifies sound to the volume you have set

The PockeTalker amplifies sound clearly and easily for better understanding. The sound amplifier picks up sounds and boosts them according to the volume you've set. For best results, place or hold the microphone as close as possible to the person with whom you are speaking. Works well for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Place the Pocketalker on the table to hear dinner conversations

When seated: Many users set the PockeTalker on a table if they're in a restaurant or small group situation. Laying the PockeTalker flat on the table surface provides superior pickup to standing it upright.

Clip your Pocketalker on your belt or waistband when standing or walking

When Standing or Walking: Many users place the PockeTalker in its belt clip carry case and attach it to their belt, pocket, or skirt.

Each PockeTalker includes:

  • Amplifier Unit
  • Plug-In Microphone
  • Two AA Disposable Batteries
  • Belt Clip

  • TV Listening Extension Cord

  • System Carry Case

  • Choice of One Listening Device:
    Wide Range Earphone, Mini Earbud, or Deluxe Folding Headphone
  • Instruction Manual

100 hours of battery life ensures long-lasting performance. Five year warranty on the amplifier and 90 day warranty on the listening devices ensures that the PockeTalker is a high quality product.

This product does onot replace a personal hearing aid but rather an additional listening device used along with your hearing aid.

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