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Lightweight folding shopping cart with swivel wheels

A Lightweight and maneuverable! This versatile cart can go anywhere - to the grocery store, farmer's marker or just down to the laundry room. 

This cart has three main benefits which set it apart from other carts. VersaCart

  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable wheels
  • Folds up like a baby's umbrella stroller and locks in place

The great looking VersaCart can be stored in a closet and taken out in a moment.  Just open up and away you go.  Fill it up as you perform your chores and stroll home. 

VersaCart Steel Frame

The VersaCart's tubular steel frame "accordions" in an out to open and fold.  The reinforced bottom ensures that your cart can hold 75- 100 lbs, depending upon the items. 

Folded dimensions are: 43" tall x 8" wide x 11" deep. 

This cart now features a thicker-gauge steel frame for enhanced sturdiness and lasting durability. It also features compatibly heavier-duty wheel components for increased resistance to wear and greater stability.

The basket/bag size opened is: 21" high x 17" wide x 18" deep.

Available in blue.

Folding cart with ergonomic handle grips

VersaCart EZ Grip Handles

The handle grips on the VersaCart are constructed of a dense, sturdy plastic in an ergonomic form that fits the hand.  Your thumbs will rest easily on the top of the handle and your fingers will fold under with the weight falling on the "ball" of your thumb.VersaCart Maneuverable Wheels

Swivel wheels create excellent maneuverability

The double nylon wheels swivel around the wheel struts creating the excellent maneuverability this cart possesses.   The ability to easily turn corners and wind in and out of other shoppers and displays makes this cart a star in the easy, lightweight category.

VersaCart Easy Off Bag Snaps

Large, heavy duty, water resistant cart bag


The extra large capacity (3.72 cubic feet) bag is heavy duty PVC coated liner and water resistant.  The liner has a snug fitting cover that fits over the top of the basket/bag. 

The bag/basket is removable!  It is attached to the cart frame with easy snap closures.  You will be able to remove the cart bag for cleaning. The bag is washable.

The bag also comes equipped with easy carry handles if you desire to use the bag without the cart's frame. 

"Placed my order Monday and the cart was sitting at my door when I got home from work on Wednesday.  The cart is exactly as described on the site.  Lightweight and very maneuverable.  I’m not exactly and “elder” (I’m 52) but this cart is perfect for apartment living for anyone at any age. I highly recommend it."
Thanks for the great service.

Versa Transit Cart requires very little assembly

The smooth rolling VersaCart comes pre-assembled except for the front wheels which snap on easily. The cart comes folded and locked together in a 44" x 6" x 5" box.  Shipping weight is 9 lbs. 

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This folding cart, like all folding carts is not appropriate to be used as a walker, or to "steady" someone who is unsteady on their feet.

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Customer Reviews

by Anonymous on December 8, 2010

I liked this cart so much I bought one for each of my daughters. Swivels and rolls well. Brenda D

by Anonymous on June 21, 2015

Love the cart but need a replacement bag. Are they available?

by Anonymous on June 22, 2014

Love this cart but bag is getting worn through hard use... I do use it a lot. Are replacement bags available? Frame is in good shape. Thanks.

by Anonymous on March 30, 2014

I've had mine 7-8 years. It was a gift. I love it. I have hauled IKEA shelving in it by standing it upright. (Easily 50 lbs). The wheels may be plastic but they have stood the test of time. I use it for groceries, laundry and hauling things from my car to the elevator. I'm replacing mine because I have worked it so hard the canvas is beginning to show wear. I love it.

by Anonymous on October 20, 2012

Excellent product. Too bad handles are not adjustable for height.

by Anonymous on September 29, 2012

The previous review is rediculous. I love my versa cart. The weight limit is OVER 59 pounds as I have used it to move many items and at one time 2 suitcases weighing well over 50 pounds altogether. I use it when i go food shopping and everything fits and I don't have to carry it up stairs. I would recommmend this to anyone and especially someone with arthritis as it extremely easey to open and close.

by Anonymous on February 1, 2012

I bought this cart for my shopping and am so impressed with this. People stop me and ask where I got this from as I live in London England. It feel like you are pushing a baby buggy and folds down and is lightweight. I would recomend this to everyone

by Anonymous on October 1, 2011

First off the wight limt is way off. It only carries maybe 30 pounds at most. Although it is easy to set up/put together. if you have arthitis or problems with your hands you will need help. folding, and unfolding this cart. The wheels in my opinion could have been much more sturdy, and not made out of plastic! over all I was disappointed.

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