Tri Pod Cane Stool

This sturdy walking cane serves two purposes; it offers you the assistance you need for walking and the support you need for sitting! The Tri-pod Cane Stool effortlessly converts from a walking cane to a comfortable, secure seat instantly. It is exactly what you need a rest during prolonged walks or if standing for long periods of time is difficult. And it’s especially beneficial if you are recovering from a back injury, a hip or knee replacement or a stroke!

The secret's in the way the Tri-pod Cane Stool is made. When opened, the cane converts into a tri-pod with steel legs for support. The distance between the legs to form the tri-pod enables the cane to remain steady and to support weights up to 225 lbs. The seat is made of a durable heavy canvas in a triangular shape for comfort.

The lightweight cane weighs just 2.6 lbs. and comes with a convenient carrying pouch with a shoulder strap.

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