The Gripper Water Faucet Handle

Gripper faucet handle provides leverage in turning your water spigot

The Gripper Faucet Handle attaches over your existing handle creating a large, comfortable gripping area with more leverage for turning your water spigots.

The Gripper Spigot Handle is particularly great for people with the use of only one hand or arm, those with Arthritic and Parkinson's or other motility difficulties.

The Gripper comes with two separate grip locks and is compatible with most valve and spigot handles.

Faucet Gripper is color coded with Red and blue indicator caps

Color coded hot and cold indicators help to easily identify hot and cold valves in your laundry room.

The spigot turner can be used indoors in your with outside water spigots


Customer Reviews

I bought one of these for my husanbd last summer. He has such a hard time opening things because of his arthritis. This has really help. I recommend for anyone who has arthritis. Sally Vogel

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