Stainless Steel Shoehorn

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No bending over with extra long handled shoehorns

Stainless Steel long handled - in full 30 inch length.

This extra long stainless steel shoehorn has a curved, vinyl covered hand grip. The curved grip is easier to grasp and can also be used for pulling up your socks!

Quality manufacturing - this shoehorn will last a lifetime!

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Our economical kit features recommended Activities for Daily Living items for patients recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury. These ADL items will assist you in performing your daily tasks while recuperating and unable to bend at the hip or knee.
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The shoehorn telescopes from 12" to 30" will just a simple pull. The head has an adjustable angle to best suit your shoe fitting needs. The wrist strap and ergonomically shaped handle make this shoehorn easy to hold onto.

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