Sock EEZ Compression Stocking Remover


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Trouble free compression stocking removal

This trouble free dressing aid makes removing compression stockings and support hosiery effortless. Using it puts very little strain on your hand or your muscles.

The Sock EEZ Compression Stocking Remover was made especially for individuals with Lymphedema, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Arthritis and Edema. The ergonomic design and smooth plastic coating is comfortable to hold and easy to use for individuals with Arthritis, poor grasping ability or limited hand strength.

Sock EEZ Compression Stocking Remover is extra long, built to last and versatile

The Sock EEZ Compression Stocking Remover's extra long length and sturdy construction eliminates bending and doesn't bend when removing even the toughest compression hosiery. It's 21 inches long and made from a hard, sturdy plastic that's made to last.

When in use, the Sock EEZ Compression Stocking Remover has an extended edge at the top for easy gripping and a lanyard loop strap to wrap around your wrist. The bottom has a smooth rounded edge with a slight indentation in the center. This end can be used as a shoehorn to help remove and put on your shoes.  

Sock EEZ Compression Stocking Remover is the ideal companion for the Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid. Use this nifty dressing aid to put on your compression hosiery, and then use the Sock EEZ to remove them.

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