Slip Over Headboards and Footboards for Hospital Beds

TenderCare Beds brings us hospital bed headboard & footboard covers

Transform your homecare hospital bed into an eye-catching, beautiful piece of home furniture with a Tendercare™ Bed, a uniquely designed combination headboard and footboard set and matching nightstand.

For whatever reason, homecare hospital beds are just plain unattractive and many would say downright ugly.  This is the solution that will turn your ugly bed into a lovely piece of real wood furniture.  You will have your choice of finish (six different colors to choose from) that enable you to coordinate with your existing furniture.

The headboard and footboard "slip over" and cover up your existing hospital bed headboard and footboard.  Each piece is constructed with a hollowed out "pocket" that envelopes the headboard and footboard.  This is not a replacement; it is a beautiful shell that completely hides your existing headboard/footboard.

Easy Installation!  No Assembly Required
Easy to install!  Just align the Tendercare™ Headboard on top of, and allow it to slide down and over the existing end of the hospital bed.  The installation for the footboard is exactly the same.  No tools are required.  You do not remove the existing headboard/footboard of your hospital bed. 

Fits almost all manufacturers' homecare hospital beds
The inside pockets have a 2 inch depth and will easily fit over existing headboards/footboards that are up to 1 3/4 inches thick.  Tendercare™ Beds can be used with electric, semi-electric and some manual hospital beds. Bed rails will operate as usual and will not be affected by Tendercare™ Beds.  

The shaft on the manual bed's hand crank must have sufficient length to clear the 4 inch thick footboard or you would be unable to turn the crank without lifting the footboard up and out of the way.

Tendercare™ Beds are individually handcrafted with real wood and natural finishes, this sophisticated idea is an attractive solution to your unattractive hospital bed. "Your home isn't a hospital and it no longer has to look like one."

Tendercare™ Beds are available in five colors:

Black · White · New Hampton · Summer Fling · Fruitwood

Note:  Headboards and footboards are made from natural hardwood.  The nightstand is made from solid birch.

Bariatric headboards and footboards are also available by special order.  Matching overbed tables, commode chairs and more are currently in the planning stage.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help with my Mother's new Tendercare bed.  She fell in her room at her assisted living facility this spring and broke her hip.  She recovered from the surgery and rehabilitation, but needed a hospital bed for convenience and safety.  My Mom, an old school Southern lady from Birmingham, was not happy or proud of the way her room looked with the necessary, yet unattractive, hospital bed.  I was able to solve that issue when I found your site while searching the internet for hospital bed headboards.  The Tendercare headboard and footboard completely transformed Mom's metal bed into a nice piece of furniture.  She is so happy with the way it looks, and it has really lifted her spirits.  It is so important to hang on to your dignity and way of life as long as possible, and this product has certainly afforded my family that opportunity.  I would recommend the Tendercare modification to anyone who is facing an extended period of time in a hospital bed.  Good luck to you and your fine company - you are providing a special service to the best amongst us.  Sincerely, Stephen

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