Single EZY Sock Helper with Handles

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Single EZY Sock Helper for Compression Stockings

If you are recovering from hip, knee or back surgery or cannot bend to put on and pull up your stockings, this is the answer.

Sturdy enough to pull on even heavy gauge compression stockings, the Ezy Sock Helper will enable you to put on any type of sock or stockings and pull them all the way up without bending over or stretching.

For the heaviest compression stockings this is the sock helper to select as it will not fold in under the weight and tightness of the stocking.  This sock aid will hold its shape which enables you to place your foot into your stocking and pull it up the length of your calf without the struggle and pulling.

The Ezy Sock Helper is made of steel and is coated with a smooth plastic finish.  This sturdy sock helper should last a life time and more.

Dimensions:  15" tall from base to handle.  Also available is a double sock aid to put on panty hose or two socks at once.

Patented. Favored by Occupational Therapists.

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