Self Wipe Toilet Aid

Self Wipe toileting aid has a long handle
for easy reach

The SelfWipe bottom wiper is a tremendous aid to the independent living desired by those with difficulties including:  wheelchair bound, seniors, those with multiple sclerosis, weak hands or Arthritis. 

The SelfWipe is easy to use with its angled handle designed for one hand use with easy access.  It is sized to cover a large amount of contact, making its use quick and complete.  Frictionless with a low tension spring, making use easier for those with Arthritis and weak arm muscles. 

The SelfWipe is easy to clean;  sterilizer, dishwasher and alcohol safe with non-rusting stainless steel internal parts. 

Directions for use in three simple steps: 

  1. Press the button on the top of the handle to open the clamp.
  2. Wrap toilet tissue around the lower clamp and release the button.
  3. After use, push the button to release the soiled tissue into the toilet.

It is as simple as that.  Wiping aids have become some of ElderStore's hottest items.


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