Retracted Penis Pouch for Male Incontinence


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A urinary collection system for men with retracted or retractive penile incontinence!

This Retracted Penis Pouch from Hollister offers the perfect solution for men who cannot wear external catheters. It’s sure to improve the quality of your life significantly! Now you’re able to:


  • Sleep throughout the night
  • Go out with confidence
  • Lounge around without fear of embarrassing wetness and odor

A retracted penis pouch that protects your skin, controls odor and attaches to standard drainage bags

The Retracted Penis Pouch for Male Urinary Incontinence protects your skin from wetness with a Flextend skin barrier anatomically shaped for comfort, flexibility and extended wear. It controls unpleasant odor with Hollister’s lightweight, transparent but strong odor-barrier film. This odor-barrier film safely channels urine through an easy-to-open and close drain that securely connects to a leg bag or overnight bed bag.

Features include:

  • FlexTend, a cross-linked hydrocolloid skin barrier that allows for one- to two-day extended wear time
  • Cut-to-Fit Skin Barrier for a comfortable custom fit
  • Tapered Skin Barrier that’s thin around the edges and thicker in the middle for comfort
  • Three layers of odor barrier film to eliminate odor and prolong durability
  • Transparent Pouch Film for content visibility
  • A convenient drain valve to easily connect pouch to leg bag or to empty the pouch

Comes in a box of 10. Length - 7-1/2”.


Recommended for post operative and home use! Use it with a standard leg bag during the day and an overnight bed bag at night.


Please choose carefully! For hygiene reasons, this item is not returnable!



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