Redware Inner Lip Plates (PKG of Two)

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Adaptive Redware dishes for Alzheimer's or low vision

For individuals with Alzheimer's or those with low vision!  Inner Lip Plates now come in RED!   Studies have shown that Alzheimer's patients and individuals with low vision eat better when served with red dishware.  The red is easier for the low vision individuals to see.

The Inner Lip Plates help promote dignity and independent eating by allowing individuals who would normally have difficulty feeding themselves to do so.

The Inner Lip Plate is specifically designed for the elderly, those with limited muscle control, individuals with the use of just one hand or arm, children or those with limited or no vision.

The deep inner lip keeps food from sliding off the plate.  The user brings the fork or spoon to the edge of the plate and pushes the food onto the utensils.  Constructed of durable plastic, the nine inch diameter plates are dishwasher, autoclave and microwave safe.

Available in quantities of two, the plates are available in red.

NOTE: Two Red Inner Lip Plates only, cup and utensils are not included in this set.

Please shop carefully, this item is not returnable.


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