Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser

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Sit down bike pedal exerciser used while seated at your desk or chair

The Bike Pedal Exerciser allows you to maintain a regular aerobic-style exercise regiment while sitting on your chair or sofa! It helps to improve your:

  • circulation
  • muscle strength
  • coordination
  • range of motion
  • flexibility

Exercise your arms or legs using Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser

Achieving upper and lower body strength couldn't get any easier! Simply place the Mini Bike Exerciser on a desk or table to pedal with your arms, or place it on the floor for use with your legs. Either way, using the Mini Bike Exerciser for 10 to 30 minutes a day will greatly improve your blood flow circulation and joint flexibility. At the same time, the Mini Bike Exerciser helps you burn calories and build muscles in both your arms and legs.


You can use your Mini Bike Exerciser at home while watching TV, talking on the phone, or reading a book; or, at work while on break. Perfect for individuals needing physical therapy due to hip or knee replacement surgery, accidental falls, stroke rehabilitation, and users with Arthritis or joint stiffness.

Bike pedal exerciser features include:

  • Built-in digital monitor that displays total number of revolutions during workout, estimated calories burned, and elapsed time
  • Adjustable tension knob for resistance setting
  • Non-slip mat for stability
  • Instructions in both English and Spanish
  • One AAA battery

Some assembly required!


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