Male Urinary Leakage J Clamp


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Penis clamp for male urinary leakage control

By compressing the urethra, The J Clamp (an external medical device ) controls urinary leakage and prevents the flow of urine. The J Clamp is  placed  on the shaft of your penis.  You will be able to adjust the size and pressure of The J Clamp to fit comfortably and prevent urine leakage.

Penis clamp is discreet and unnoticeable while in use

Undetectable under your clothing, The J Clamp is smaller than other penile clamps and is small enough to fit through the fly on your pants allowing you to use public restroom urinals without concern of being noticed.

Penile clamp does not have to be removed for urination

The J Clamp is easy to use, does not cause circulation problems and is comfortable because unlike some penile clamps it applies pressure to the urethra area only. The J Clamp is designed to protect the blood vessels of your penis. The small lever controls size and pressure adjustments.

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The J Clamp fits most everyone's penis sizes

The penis clamp will fit penises with a circumference of 2 - 4.5 inches.  The J Clamp is two inches wide, 1.25 inches in height and one inch from front to back. Quick and easy care, just wash using a mild soap made from high quality, non-porous biocompatible materials.  There is no foam requiring "drying time" in this penis clamp. 


A Note from the inventor of The J Clamp: I received some sobering news between Christmas and New Years of 2009. The news was that I had prostate cancer. I studied all my options and I decided to have a radical prostatectomy. One week after my surgery, after the catheter was removed, I started experiencing incontinence. I started wearing adult depends 24 hours a day. After a week of wearing depends, I tried an external incontinence clamp. It was uncomfortable, bulky, disfiguring, and caused discoloration. I decided to design another clamp that was smaller, easy to use and comfortable. It is fabricated from biocompatible, non-porous materials. This clamp can be left in place to urinate. It has a handle for size and pressure adjustment. The handle can also be adjusted for urination. I wear the J Clamp 20+ hours every day but I recommend consulting your doctor to determine what will work best for you.
Thank you, Terry Jackson

Optional Urine Drip Guard
The use of the optional Urine Drip Collector protects you from occasional drips and dribbles.  A super absorbent, disposable "cap" fits over the head of your penis catches all leaks and wicks away moisture from your skin.  Available in bags of 30.

Please choose carefully, this item is not returnable.


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Customer Reviews

by Anonymous on September 20, 2011

I would like for men who are incontinent to know that there is life after the other clamps. I have been wearing the J Clamp for a couple of months, usually about 18 hours per day. I highly recommend that anyone using other clamps try the J Clamp. Ray - Dallas, Georgia

by Anonymous on November 10, 2011

i've had a j clamp for about a year now. use it daily. it has made a big difference in my life. clyde new jersey

by Anonymous on October 15, 2011

I purchased a j clamp 10/22/10 have worn it maybe dozen time befor it broke wher the clamp fastens on i Lloyd Montevallo al

by Anonymous on September 20, 2011

"The J Clamp is the most comfortable solution for incontinence I have found and I have tried virtually every product on the market." Bill - Bakersfield, California

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