Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves


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Available in two styles:
full fingered or open fingered gloves.




Size is determined by measuring your hand's circumferance at the knuckles. Measure with a flexible measuring tape.

Isotoner® Therapeutic Gloves relieve
pain and hand swelling

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves control hand pain and swelling by providing gentle, even compression. Their unique design provides natural pain therapy and comfortable hand support for sore hands, sore fingers and sore joints due to arthritis, repetitive motion or hand injury, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.  Compression and ease of movement allow you to lead an active lifestyle.

Moderate Compression (like compression stockings)
for your hands

Lightweight, high quality spandex provides gentle, even compression throughout the hand to relieve your pain and swelling.  Gentle, even compression means you can wear the therapeutic gloves both day and night.  Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves provide Moderate Compression: 23 - 32 mmHg.

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves features:

  • 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex / Latex Free
  • Open cuff for easy on and easy off
  • No inside seams, finished seams are all on the outside preventing irritation
  • Durable stretch wears consistently and does not lose compression
  • Sized Unisex - X Small to Large, great for both men and women
  • Machine washable

Latex Free

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