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Unique, boxer briefs designed for discreet incontinence protection! For light to moderate incontinence, this boxer brief provides anti-leakage protection all day long!
Men's super absorbent, reusable, fly fronted incontinence briefs with built in padding and waterproof outer layer.
Unique, one-of-a kind boxer short designed for discreet incontinence protection! From light to heavy incontinence, this boxer short provides the protection you need with the dignity you deserve. Dignity Men's Boxers look and feel like regular boxers!
A premium brief with the look and feel of regular men's underwear. The Free and Active Absorbent Brief is styled to look like the traditional masculine front panel brief with a fly front. Built-in pad automatically ensures light incontinence protection,
The breakthrough ActiCuf is a disposable, undetectable pouch designed to help men treat and manage light to moderate urinary incontinence. When placed on the penis, the padded closure gently presses down on the urethra to control urinary flow.
The Manhood Absorbent Pouch is designed for light to moderate incontinence by enveloping your penis with a pouch made of a super absorbent polymer; holds 1 cup plus of liquid. Held in place with a strip of adhesive which adheres to your underwear.
Disposable, absorbent "cap" fits over the head of your penis to catch drips and dribbles. Wicks moisture away from your skin. Easy to put on and take off.

Incontinence Briefs for Men

SKU M100

Padded, absorbent briefs for male urinary incontinence protected with Fosshield™

For moderate Incontinence!  Worry-free bladder control protection is available in these incontinence briefs for men.  The absorbent padding extends from a couple of inches below the waist band in the front and continues wrapping around (under) and up the back of the briefs for several inches.

The Fosshield® Anti-microbial fibers that make up the built-in padding safely and effectively inhibit the growth of destructive and odor causing bacteria.  Meeting all FDA and EPA requirements, Fosshield treated fibers offer permanent antimicrobial protection while being friendly to the environment.  This antimicrobial agent protects against a wide range of bacteria including those that may cause deterioration, odor, mold, mildew or fungus.

The fly on these briefs is functional.  These incontinence briefs are reusable for at least 200 washings.  50% Cotton - 50% polyester.  Wash in gentle cycle, no bleach and tumble dry low. Additional protection can be added by placing an incontinence pad on top of the built-in padding.

Available in five sizes from Small to XXLarge.

  Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge
Size 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 44-45

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