Hefty Swiveler Folding Shopping Cart




New and improved, versatile, folding shopping cart for all around use

An all around cart that can be used for shopping, laundry or any other purpose that relieves you of having to carry heavy loads.

The Hefty Swiveler cart weighs 15 lbs.  Light enough to be versatile but strong enough to hold up to 125 lbs.

The front swivel wheels make negotiating aisles so much easier than non-swivel wheeled carts.  The cart folds flat for storage and can be held in place with the attached hook. 

Click on the "more pictures" button above to see a larger view of the cart.  There is also an image of the cart dimensions.

The cart is constructed of steel wire and tubular steel that has a durable epoxy finish.  The tires are solid rubber on a dense, strong plastic wheel.  Plastic wheels will not rust!

The cart is 40 inches tall from floor to handle.  The handle is wrapped in a dense foam for your comfort.  The basket is 23.5 inches tall, 17 inches wide from side to side and 15 inches deep from front to back.  The rear wheels are 9 inches in diameter and the front swivel wheels are 5 inches in diameter.  The width of the cart from wheel to wheel (large rear wheels) is 24 inches. 

Some assembly is required.  This cart ships via UPS in a large, flat, oversized box.


This folding cart, like all folding carts is not appropriate to be used as a walker, or to "steady" someone who is unsteady on their feet.

PLEASE NOTE: All shopping carts ship via UPS only within the United States! Please choose UPS as your shipping method at check out!

For International shipping, all shopping carts ship via USPS Priority International or UPS Worldwide choices ONLY! Please choose either USPS Priority International or the UPS Worldwide options available to prevent delays in expediting your order!


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Customer Reviews

by Anonymous on December 2, 2014

How is this for use on stairs? I would need to be able to "bump" it up (backwards) one flight of stairs. Will it stay together or would that be too much for it to take?

by Anonymous on June 6, 2013

I ordered this folding cart for my Mom after visiting her and finding her old cart without swivel wheels hard to maneuver. This cart (white with a Kelly green liner) was on back order for a few weeks, but it was worth waiting for. My Mom is 81 and she just called me to tell me she put it together herself with no problems - very simple step-by-step directions. She says it is very sturdy and the heavy canvas liner with Velcro attachments is so much easier for her. She uses it for taking laundry to the laundry room and for getting groceries up to her apartment. This is the third cart I have purchased for her and she says this is by far the best one she has ever owned. She says the swivel wheels make it so easy for her to get around corners. Thank you for carrying such a well made and easy to assemble cart. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good sturdy cart with swivel front wheels.

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