Handi Grip Ultimate Reacher

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Handigrip Reacher designed for usability and minimum effort

High or low, or between narrow gaps, there is no end to the places you're able to safely reach.  Due to its unique rotating head, you're able to fetch objects without straining your wrist.

Handi Grip Ultimate Rearcher can even pick up a dime!

Key features of the Handi Grip Reacher include:

  • Unique rotating head - simple pull, twist and return action
  • Robust construction for extra durability, helps with heavier lifting too
  • New improved jaw with extra teeth guarantees precision pick up - any size, any surface, anytime

Available in two lengths - 26 inches and 32 inches

Note: We tested this reacher and discovered you can in fact easily pick up a dime from either a hard floor or carpeting.

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