Four Piece Redware Basic Dinnerware Set

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Redware adaptive dishes and cups for Alzheimer's and
visual impairments

One of the difficulties associated with Alzheimer's disease and those with low vision is the person's inability to recognize contrast between colors.

These individuals are unable to separate light colored food from light colored tableware, a problem that often results in skipping meals which often results in weight loss.

The bright red color of the Redware Tableware will enable users to see the difference between the food and their plate which leasds to increased eating.

Four piece basic redward dinnerware set

Now, we've added a 4-piece set to our Redware line for use during smaller meals. The 4-Piece Basic Set includes:

  • Scooper Plate with Non-Skid Base
  • Drinking Cup
  • Built-Up Fork
  • Built-Up Spoon

 The Scooper Plate with a Non-Skid Base feature a slope like edge which allow users to scoop food onto their flatware. The Non-Skid Base keeps the plate from sliding.

The Built-Up Fork and Spoon make it easier for users with weak grasping ability, arthritis or limited hand dexterity to hold.

This 4-piece set or any of our Redware Tableware makes a great gift!

Please shop carefully, these items are not returnable.


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