Fold Away Walker Tray

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Fold down lightweight walker tray for aluminum walkers

Using a walker requires both hands and leaves you without the ability to carry objects.

Easy to use folding tray for conventional aluminum walkers is designed for many uses. The walker tray serves a needed purpose of transporting your personal items while using a walker.

Walker tray has two recessed beverage holders

The tray has two recessed beverage compartments. The larger holds cups up to 3.5" in diameter and the small holds up to 3" in diameter cups. Each drink recess also has a recess for a cup or mug handle enabling you to use any cup or mug with handles.

There is a one inch lip around the perimeter of the walker tray to prevent items slipping off the tray. The textured tray surface helps prevent items from moving and sliding.

The walker tray is 16" wide and 11.75" front to back.

Walker tray is easy to assemble

Walker tray assembly is tool free. The tray mounts with adjustable clips that snap onto most walkers.

Walker tray is lightweight

The walker tray is lightweight, adding less than 2 lbs. to your walker's weight when attached. Even though the walker tray is lightweight it is constructed of very durable, dense plastic and is very sturdy.

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