Easy Gliding Walker Coasters

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Easy sliding and gliding walker coasters

Our new Walker Coasters are a welcoming upgrade from your traditional walker glides, walker wheels, and walker balls!

These bright colored, lightweight footpads feature a large, smooth plastic surface that easily glides in all directions over concrete, carpets, and linoleum floors with very little effort.

The Walker Coasters are made of a special polymer blend, durable plastic with an O-ring to help the coasters stay snug to the walker legs in all temperatures. Unlike walker balls made from tennis balls, walker glides, and walker wheels, the Walker Coasters:

  • retains its original shape
  • remains in place
  • fits all standard walkers
  • glides over bumps, doorways, and cracks in sidewalks
  • and made in the USA

The unique design requires no tools to assemble and the bright color assists elderly users with walker orientation and location.

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by on February 17, 2011

love these they glide so easily!

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