Double EZY Sock Helper

Sock helper puts on BOTH compression stockings at one time!

The sock aid most recommended by Occupational Therapists!  Strong enough for heavy gauge compression stockings!

The Double EZY Sock Helper will help you put on your socks, stockings, panty hose, knee-highs or compression stockings - both feet at once, entirely by yourself.

Socks or stockings are simply stretched  over the columns.  Then, in a sitting position, insert your toes and with the handles, simply pull up and your socks will be pulled over your toes, feet, ankles and up your legs.  The continued upward motion pulls the sock all the way on and pulls the stocking or panty-hose up to the knees for final positioning.

It is difficult to imagine how sock and stocking aids work by looking at the photos, but this sock aid works!  You'll wonder how you got along without it.  And you can put on your stockings independently without having to ask for help from your spouse or Caregiver.

This sturdy sock helper is made of steel with a smooth plastic coating to ensure it will give you years of use.

Optional Shoehorn:
If you can't bend over to put on your socks, you can't bend over to put on your shoes!  Long handled shoe horns are a great aid to those having difficulty putting on their shoes.  Our best seller is our 30 inch Stainless Steel Shoehorn.

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