Deluxe Hooded Cart Liner

Heavy duty folding shopping cart liner available in six colors

The Deluxe Hooded Cart Liner fits all of our Jumbo carts:

  1. Big Bruno
  2. Big Bruno Swivel
  3. Hefty Swiveler
  4. Jumbo Ready to Roll
  5. Canvas Swivel Cart (included in the purchase of this cart)
  6. Jumbo Chrome Elite

The fitted liner is constructed of a heavy duty canvas like nylon.  The liner attaches securely to your shopping cart using hook and loop fasteners. 

The "hood" of the liner folds over the top of  your shopping basket (or items) and is water-repellant. 

Great for shopping, laundry or many other practical uses.

Deminsions: 23-1/2" H x 16-5/8" W x 15-1/4" D


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Customer Reviews

Have been delighted with your Deluxe Hooded Cart Liner. Bought one for my sister we found this product to be #1 in liners!