Coated Weighted Soup Spoon

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Weighted soup spoon lessens hand tremors

The weighted handle on the Coated Weighted Soup Spoon will help those with shaking hands or tremors retain better control of the utensil. The weight lessens the effect of the tremors. 

The built up handle is designed to comfortably fit the fingers and the contours in the handle provide an easier grasping surface to steady one's hand.

Plastisol coated spoon bowl protects teeth and gums

This adaptive utensil is coated in Plastisol to help to protect the teeth and gums.  Sometimes with tremors and shakiness, the ability to move a utensil smoothly to one's mouth can be difficult.  To prevent unpleasant results of hitting, jabbing or biting, the spoon bowl is covered in a layer of the Plastisol.  It makes the spoon bowl thicker and provides a buffer or barrier between the stainless of the spoon and the individual's teeth or gums.

Dimensions: Spoon length is 7.5 inches. The spoon weighs approximately 8 ounces. Available in a round soup spoon.

Dishwasher safe.  This spoon is not recommended for heavy biters. 

Please shop carefully, this item is not returnable.

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