CareBag® Commode Liner with super absorbent pad. Box of 20

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Cleanis Care disposable liners fit smaller bed pans and round bedside commodes


Voted 2013 Best New Product for Caregiver & Family Member by Today’s Caregiver Magazine.


Product description


A bedside commode brings convenience to its user but who likes to clean up its soiled commode pail every day? Rest assured, the CareBag® Commode Liner will effectively collect and contain any body fluids going inside the pail and better yet: they will be turned into a gel! This is made possible thanks to the super absorbent pad provided with each bag.

When the patient is done performing body functions, the bag is to be sealed using the easy drawstring closure system and disposed of in household waste: Say goodbye to spillage, awful smell and hand cleaning of the pail!

Key Features


• Never clean a pail again!

• Body fluids turn into a gel: no spills & splashes!

• No more awful smell once liner is sealed

• Best value on the market

• Hospital approved medical grade bag

• Fits over most commode pails

• Improves comfort for patient, caregiver and family members

• Great for home, while traveling, or in health institutions

Product instructions

1. Open box and unroll the first liner by tearing along the perforated line.

2. Position the liner over the commode pail with the pad laying flat on the bottom.

3. After patient uses bedside commode, bodily fluids turn into gel within seconds.

4. To close: Pull straps tightly and tie a knot. Dispose of the sealed bag in household waste just like for diapers. DO NOT FLUSH.

Comes in a zippered bag of 20 disposable liners with built in tie closures.  Each bed pan bag is 19.25 inches by 14 inches.

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