Brella Bag Hands Free Umbrella Holder

No hands Brella Bag holds your umbrella

Who says you can't carry groceries, push a shopping cart, walk the dog, steer your scooter or wheelchair, use a walker and work in the garden with both hands while holding an umbrella? Well, whoever said it obviously didn't have a Brella Bag!

The innovative Brella Bag is a must have on a rainy day!

The unique design securely holds an open umbrella, leaving your hands free to carry out other activities.

Rain or shine, it’s the perfect accessory for wheelchair and walker users, individuals carrying grocery or shopping bags, postal workers, sports fans and gardeners.

Lightweight umbrella holder

The Brella Bag is lightweight and made from a durable black nylon fabric with a deep pouch to hold either a straight or curved umbrella shaft.

It’s easy to use, comfortable to wear and features an adjustable strap that wraps around the neck and shoulder. The back strap has a belt loop used to hold the bag more securely. It also features a convenient snap to hold umbrellas with a shorter shaft.

The bag has room to hold a wallet, keys, cell phone, water bottles and many other items.

Be a hit with your family and friends, surprising them with the Brella Bag as a gift; or claim it for yourself and give everyone something to talk about!

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