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Bed Cane gives steady support for getting into and out of bed

The BedCane makes movement in and out of bed easy with its steady support.

The wood base fits between the mattress and the box springs. The BedCane offers a means to maintain balance while rising to a standing position, or lowering to a sitting position.

Adjustable height bed rail

The adjustable rail height of the BedCane adapts to the appropriate height for all mattresses. It features a wide handle made of quality steel components with a powder coat finish which will provide long lasting durability.

Portable bed rail

The BedCane is portable, take it with you! The handle folds down for storage and portability. A safety strap secures the solid wood base to your mattress. The reversible cushion grip cane handle installs on either side of the bed. A safety strap attaches to the mattress to keep the BedCane secure.

The BedCane comes with an organizational pouch. This snap-on pouch is perfect for placing those bedside necessities like remote controls, reading materials and more!

BedCane Dimensions: Board - 19" x 23", Cane adjustable height - 19" x 22", strap - adjustable to 12 ft. Patent Pending.

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