AutoCart Heavy Duty Folding Utility Cart

Folding utility cart "glides" goods into your vehicle without lifting

Introducing the New, AutoCart Heavy Duty Utility Cart! It's unlike other utility carts.

What makes the AutoCart Heavy Duty Utility Cart different from all the others? Its innovative, functional design that allows users to place and remove items in and out of a vehicle without taking the items out of the cart! With this heavy-duty utility cart, users can avoid strains and reduce the risk of injury:

  • Eliminates lifting!
  • No carrying, roll the cart right up to your door, or to your kitchen!
  • Swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver!

Utility cart with patented load transfer system

AutoCart Heavy Duty Utility Cart uses a patented, load transfer system that allows you to transfer weight from the cart to your vehicle effortlessly.

Two functional compartments:

  • The upper compartment is a large "top basket" with eight wheels, four on each side, that easily glide the basket into your vehicle.
  • The bottom compartment functions as a "lower rack" with four swiveling wheels for easy maneuverability. This lower rack folds up and over the basket when you glide the basket into your car. 

Cart frame collapses for easy storage

The AutoCart's frame collapses alongside for easy storage and removal.

Utility cart is height adjustable

The cart is height adjustable to fit most flatbed trucks, wagons, vans, and SUVs. It's so easy, anyone can do it.

The AutoCart is useful for transporting a variety of items. Use it for groceries, tools, luggage, sporting equipment, picnic supplies, etc. When using it in the grocery store instead of the store's shopping cart, it eliminates the need for using grocery bags. Just scan, pay, and roll your groceries to your car; and then, roll them out of the car, into your house, and put them away. How convenient is that?

This multi-capacity, heavy-duty utility cart:

Dimensions:   38"L x 26"W x 24"H *

Weighs:    45 pounds. 

Max Load Weight:  Upper basket - 200 lbs; lower rack - 300 lbs.

One year limited warranty, ships anywhere in the US.  International shipping arrangement can be made.

Please call 1.888.833.8875 for more information.

* The maximum recommended load height from the ground to the bed of your vehicle is 32".

Note: Due to the weight and size of the box for this cart, shipping outside the lower 48 states can be very expensive. Shipping to Canada will be over $100.00 (US). For whatever reason, the UPS estimates on the shipping charges on this product are not accurate. We pass on the shipping charge that the manufacturer charges us and it is usually double what the software calculates. In addition, custom fees for this product are also in excess of $100.00. If you would like an exact quote of what your shipping charges would be to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or out of the US, call us at 1-888-833-8875.

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