Skidtrol Insultated Mug with Non Skid Base


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Skidtrol non-slip, nesting coffee mug
helps prevent spills

A silicone ring along the bottom of the Skidtrol Mug keeps it from slipping or sliding on any smooth surface. The non slip feature makes it perfect for carrying the mug on a tray or trolley. It also does not tip over easily if accidentally brushed or knocked. Non slip mug is stackable!.

Skidtrol Mug holds 12 ounces of liquid, either hot or cold. As it is manufactured from Polypropylene it is best if you do not pour "boiling" water into the mug.

Dishwasher safe and Microwavable!

Skidtrol Mug is dishwasher safe and is microwave safe up to two minutes.

Availble in white. It is also available by special order in the following colors: blue, black, green, mustard, sea foam and salmon. Skidtrol dinnerware is also available in plates, small bowls and large bowls.

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