Reusable Waterproof Underpad for Beds with Handles


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Washable bed pads with handles for positioning

These deluxe underpads have three specialized layers quilted together for durability and absorbency:

  • Top layer (white - against your skin) is smooth to the touch, breathes and is made of a high quality poly cotton blend that feels very comfortable against your skin.
  • The absorbent inner layer wicks moisture away, keeping your skin dry and comfortable.
  • Non-slip, green, waterproof outer barrier lies directly on your bottom sheet.

The handles on these deluxe underpads are made of durable nylon webbing sewn into the left and right sides of the pad. These handles, two on each side, make it easy for Caregivers to position the pad much easier.

Antibacterial, mildew resistant and odor controlling

Our Reusable Waterproof Underpads for incontinence are anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, and help control odors. Use these pads with any size mattress. 

Care:  Machine wash and dry, normal settings. Mild bleach may be used. Do not iron or use fabric softeners.  The pads will not be as absorbent if fabric softener is used.

Available in two sizes:

Large:          34" x 36"  

X-Large:      34" x 54"



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