Recliner Risers

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Recliner Risers raise your reclining chair

The Recliner Risers are made specifically for recliners - to help you sit up and get  OUT of your recliner!

The patented Recliner Risers for Recliners provide a safe 5-6 inch ease advantage to the user when rising into a standing position.  At all other times, the chair is elevated a safe 1.75 inches from its normal height.

This product is safe and effective.  The Recliner Risers do not interfere with the chair's rocking or reclining, nor does it void any manufacturer's warranty.

The Recliner Risers install quickly and easily.  One size fits standard wood chair bases.  It is safe for all floor types and will not mar your floor.  The Recliner Risers are not recommended for chairs with a swivel base.

One year parts warranty.

Customer Reviews

by on February 10, 2011

A wonderful aid for my husband who has difficulty getting up and down. Easy to install!

by on October 25, 2012

This was a waste of money as they do not work as stated. Editor: This is the first complaint we have received about this product and we rarely have returns. Perhaps it just didn't work with his/her chair.

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